The Thiagi Group Inc.

Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan
Trainer & Facilitator, CEO of The Thiagi Group
Website of Thiagi
Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi“ Thiagarajan is helping professionals improve their performance effectively and enjoyably. Internationally recognized as an expert in active learning, Thiagi has conducted training workshops in 24 countries. He has worked with more than 50 different organizations in high-tech, financial services, and management consulting areas. Thiagi has published 40 books, 90 games and simulations, and more than 200 articles.
This is what two experts have to say about Thiagi’s special talents in designing and delivering training games and learning activities:
Glenn Parker, author of Team Players and Teamwork: “Quite simply, Thiagi is the most prolific and creative designer of games and simulations in the world.”
Mel Silberman, author of Active Training and 101 Ways to Make Training More Active: “Thiagi’s training games are always ingenious, easy to conduct, and open to several learning points“.


Dr. Philipp Gramlich & Dr. Karin Bodevits
Trainers and authors
Website of NaturalScience.Careers
Similar to Schiller & Mertens, NaturalScience.Careers is run by natural scientists. Karin has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh, while Philipp holds a PhD in chemistry. On top of that, both have gained industry experience: Philipp held two positions in the chemical industry, eventually leading 22 staff in three teams. They give trainings, talks and write texts on the four main topics: career development, gender in science, leadership and communication. They have written a career guide for female scientists with Wiley, Karin published the novel “You must be very intelligent – A PhD delusion” with Springer. They are regularly writing articles and short stories for journals like naturejobs, Chemistry World, Nachrichten aus der Chemie and Laborjournal.