Practical Advice Cards (PAC)

“Don’t read hefty books and count the number principles that you have mastered. Instead, master a few principles and make them count.” Thiagi
The PAC require the players to take a piece of advice and analyze it, apply it, challenge it, discuss it, evaluate it, explain it, identify its essence, plan its application, predict consequences of applying it, anticipate negative consequences of implementing it, use it to solve problems, relate it to the workplace, view it from different perspectives, summarize it, find supporting evidence for it, and teach it to others. In other words, the card games encourage in-depth understanding of important guidelines and mindful planning for their implementation.

Topics for PAC

We continously develop PAC for our courses! You can buy them (one deck, 52 cards for 40 EUR).
„How to start your own lab“
„Good scientific practice“
„Career development for scientists“
„Effective Presentation“ in production
„Grant Writing“ in production
„Four Laws of …“ A collection of 26 topics, such as presentation, self-awareness, leadership, project management, reflective communication, feedback, academic teaching, recharge, flow, etc.

Manual for playing with Practical Advice Cards