We offer on-site courses, live online trainings and individual coaching that are ideally suited to complement research expertise at your institution. They can of course also be customized to meet your special requirements.



Teaching in an Academic Setting

Academic Teaching for Natural Scientists
Moderation & Evaluation
Interactive Teaching Strategies, in cooperation with the Thiagi Group
3.-5.6.2020 in Berlin (Max Planck Harnack Haus)


Train the trainer

Interactive Training Strategies for Scientists, in cooperation with the Thiagi Group
3.-5.6.2020 in Berlin (Max Planck Harnack Haus)


Research Management

LEGO Serious Play for Scientists
How to start your own lab
Project and Time Management for Scientists
Appraisal Interviews for Scientists
Starting your PhD – Introduction into Science Management
Good Scientific Practice for Natural Scientists
Leadership Competence for Scientists
Effective Teams in Research
Self-Assertion in Teams
Creativity in Natural Science



Communication in Science
Communication Shows (Message, Presentation, Discipline, Collaboration)
Negotiation and Conflict Management
Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Competence in Science
Kommunikation, Konflikte und wertschätzende Führung in der Wissenschaft


Presentation in Science

Scientific Writing – Publications, Thesis and Proposals
Grant Writing
My first DFG proposal
Strategic Planning for an ERC grant (Starting, Consolidator, Advanced)
Effective Presentation – Talks and Posters
Oral examination for PhD candidates (defense, rigorosum)
Stage Fright


Career planning

Personal Development Plan
Scientific Independence Plan
Next steps as a researcher
Applications and Interviews in Academia
Careers outside of Academia


Coaching for Scientists (Mentoring, Strategy, Career, Conflicts, Motivation,…)

Individual Coaching
Group Coaching